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Aroma Oil Diffusers represent the luxury category of the diffuser family in both price and quality. These elegant hand blown glass diffusers with a wood base are the most powerful and therapeutic type of essential oil diffuser is the ultrasonic nebulizing oil diffuser. This type of diffuser uses a cold air pump and a jet-style atomizer to nebulize pure essential oil into a micro-fine vapor. The vapor that moves through the air is actual micro droplets of pure essential oil. This pure oil vapor is extremely powerful and therapeutic. These diffusers are the ultimate way to experience essential oils, and a high-quality nebulizing diffuser can provide a lifetime of dependable service.All units have a built-in 8 hour timer with auto shutoff. These units have motors and might be a little louder than other types of diffusers, but keeping them at low or medium will in no way disturb you. They are made of glass which, if handled improperly can break if dropped or twisted. Learn More

High Quality Essential Oil Diffusers Waterless and Heat Free Cold Air Diffusion Professional Grade Aromatherapy Diffusers

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